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Reasons for Buying A House In Meridian, Idaho


Aside from the mild climate, outdoor recreation and attractive setting, that it offers, what other factors drive people to relocate to Meridian, Ada County, Idaho? Some may be gleaned from the following recently updated quick stats provided by online info-sites on US cities


The Boise-Nampa metro area (which includes Meridian) is ranked among the top 20 most secure large cities in the US by the Farmers Insurance Group (a leading US insurer for automobiles, idaho homes and small businesses). The ranking takes into consideration the overall impact of factors such as economic stability, crime rate statistics, extreme weather, risk of natural disasters, housing depreciation, foreclosures, air quality, environmental hazards, life expectancy, motor vehicle fatalities, and employment numbers.


The economic overview for Meridian, Idaho shows indexes better than the overall US ratings for unemployment, current job growth, and future job growth over the next ten years. According to a real estate analyst, the low housing costs in the area compared to other West Coast locations has brought a strong surge of migrants, mostly from California.  This has resulted to the boom in construction for real estate and related service businesses typical to such people movement.  This consequently contributed to the recent job growth.


Data compilers also show that for the Meridian crime overview, violent crime is 38% (US average is 48%), while property crime is 31% versus the US overall of 43.5%.Violent crime involves four offenses:  murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.  Property crime on the other hand, includes offenses like burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.


Further, average one-way commute time in Meridian is also a little bit better compared to the US average (i.e., 23 min. against 25 min.).  Majority of commuters drive their own car alone in this area, though.


There are factors that temper the desire of some people from moving into meridian, though.  Cost of living is somewhat higher than the US index.  There is not much night time entertainment.  Livelihood is susceptible to economic cycles.  Lifestyle may be affected by growth and sprawl.  Though generally people in the area say the quality of education in Meridian is not bad, they feel there is still much to be desired if compared to other similarly sized US cities.


There are a lot of listings by brokers online for Meridian houses a potential buyer can avail of.  What probably would make relocating to Meridian a better option is that the property tax rate for these houses are normally lower than the US rate.  Latest data shows this at $7.99 for Meridian compared to the $12.07 pegged for the overall US. You can contact Jeff Stewart for more help.